Happy Birthday, to Me

Today I arrive at the age at which I begin signing up for races under the “Masters” division.

At first, I thought, This will great! It’s going to be so easy to race against all those old fogeys! Then it struck me … I am one of those old fogeys. The AARP magazine is already showing up in the mailbox. I’m just waiting for the young whippersnapper at McDonald’s to suggest the seniors discount.

Today I turn 51 years old.

Would it be rude to ask you for a birthday gift? Not for myself. Nothing pricey.

You see, my first official race as a masters division runner will be the Tulsa Route 66 Marathon on Nov. 24, as a member of Team World Vision. I’m hoping to raise funds to provide clean drinking water to impoverished villages in Africa.

For my birthday, I would be so grateful if you would go to my fundraising page and donate $5.

Just $5. It’s simple and easy to do online, and so cheap that you won’t even miss it from your bank account. Just follow this link to http://team.worldvision.org/goto/DonLedford and click the “Make a Donation Button.” Easy.

Of course, you can donate any amount. You may want to donate more than $5, and that would be icing on the (birthday) cake. Some folks already have. But for my birthday, I’m only asking for $5.

Why am I asking for only $5? I know there are lots of folks who are not planning to contribute, and that’s okay. You’re still a good person. Maybe money is tight right now, or maybe you have commitments to give to some other worthy causes. It’s all good.

That’s why I’m only asking for $5. I’m hoping that, even if you didn’t plan to contribute, you’ll reconsider. Because anybody can give $5. And it’s my birthday!

Please jump on this bandwagon. Enough people give $5 apiece, it adds up.

You can read this post to learn more about Team World Vision.

I’ll appreciate all of your birthday wishes. But when I blow out the voluminous candles on my birthday cake, I’ll be wishing for a bunch of $5 donations.


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