When I’m not running a race

So, lots of friends are planning to run Hospital Hill, one of Kansas City’s premiere racing events. I’ve already decided not to run this year, but I’m starting to feel left out.

I’m running the Heartland 39.3 series of half marathons, then launching into serious training for my next marathon. Really, Hospital Hill would be a distraction. I have a feeling, though, that the closer we get to Hospital Hill, the more I’ll start second-guessing that decision.

What to do?

Running Rachel has a great suggestion. She recently blogged about “Six Reasons You Should Volunteer at Races.”

 Like Rachel, I confess that nearly every race I’ve ever attended, I ran. She paints a compelling picture for the value of volunteering at a race, not the least of which is this:

I think it is safe to say that my oldest son and I had fun volunteering at our first race. In fact, I think he had so much fun and was inspired by those running… that he even asked me when he could run a race with me! This is coming from the child that had no interest in running a few months ago! Yay! I call this a praise!

Don’t tell my non-running son, but I just might invite him to volunteer with me. You never know what might develop …


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