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Hunter's NASCAR dream

Hunter, age 8, and his family traveled to the inaugural Sprint Cup series and Nationwide Series races at the Kentucky Speedway last summer, thanks to the Dream Factory and Speed Network. Hunter met just about every driver (here he is at a driver's meeting with NASCAR great Carl Edwards).

Judging from the number of those who have pre-registered, there is going to be a huge turnout for this event in Excelsior Springs next weekend. I hope to see you there!

From the Excelsior Springs Standard newspaper:

You don’t have to plan on walking or running the evening of Saturday, March 31, in order to enjoy the slew of activities scheduled at Tiger Stadium that night.

Kansas City Chief Reshard Langford and former Chief Anthony Davis will be on hand during the first annual 5K Run/Two Mile Walk to Benefit the Dream Factory on Saturday, March 31, at Tiger Stadium. Prior to the start of the race, there will be a sports memorabilia auction that will include a football autographed by the Chiefs and their coaches.

Christian rock band Break the Fall will play the National Anthem that will follow a salute to the military and will then perform a concert after the race.

No one will go hungry during the evening’s events as Wabash BBQ will be on hand selling food to the masses.

The theme of the race is a salute to the military. Military reservists will direct traffic and be stationed along the race route.

KMBC News Anchor Larry Moore will be the evening’s honorary chairman and host the events.

Read the Standard article to learn more, or visit the event’s Facebook page or read my earlier blog entries here and here.


Objectively, scientifically, nutritionally, inarguably better

Hope to see you at the upcoming Anytime Fitness 5K Run/Walk to Benefit the Dream Factory. I wish I was running the race, but I’ll probably have my hands full at a couple of activities during the event, about which I am very pumped.

We’re partnering with Anytime Fitness in Excelsior Springs by sponsoring an aid station at the halfway mark of the 5K race. We’ll provide all the runners with water and an incredible sports drink from Herbalife called Prolong. That’s right … not Gatorade … not Powerade … not Accelerade or Cytomax or Hammer or Heed …

Something much better and healthier to quench your thirst and fuel your race.

Prolong is a new sports drink from Herbalife, which launched last year as part of the new Herbalife24 line of sports nutrition products. I’ve been using Prolong and the rest of the Herbalife24 products during my marathon training and they fueled me to a personal record finish last fall (and, hopefully, to another PR in April). When I urge other athletes to use these products, I speak from my own experience.

So don’t be confused when you come barrelling through the aid station and hear our volunteers shouting offers of “Water! Here! Prolong! Here!” I know, I know, Gatorade seems to be the drink of choice at most foot races. But Prolong is better … objectively, scientifically, nutritionally, inarguably, just better than Gatorade. Or any other sports drink on the market. And it tastes better, to boot.

Why is Prolong better?

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NO Laughing Matter

Don’t confuse nitric oxide (NO) with nitrous oxide, which is the laughing gas your dentist may give you. NO is a gas, but it’s actually more closely related to nitroglycerine … yes, the explosive, and the heart medication.

Nitric oxide (as our author, Nobel prize-winning scientist Dr. Louis Ignarro explains in the video above) is naturally produced by our bodies as a result of a healthy diet and regular exercise. NO causes your blood vessels to dilate, allowing more blood, oxygen and nutrients to reach tissues and cells.

We can actually improve athletic performance — increase strength and stamina — by boosting NO production in our bodies so that our cardiovascular system can more efficiently deliver oxygen and nutrients to muscles and other tissues.

“Health is Wealth: Performance Nutrition for the Competitive Edge,” explains how to accomplish this. The book is now available to purchase from the Health is Wealth website, although not yet available from Amazon or as an ebook. I’m blogging through a chapter each week, beginning today with the introduction.

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Why Prolong is better than Gatorade

If you’re running at the KC Marathon this weekend (and even if you’re not), I hope you’ll drop by my booth at the Health & Fitness Expo. I’ll be across the aisle from the KC Track Club. Let’s wish each other luck for the race, maybe share a favorite horror story of past races, marvel at the gorgeous weather that is forecast for Saturday … and I’ll share a cup of Prolong.

What’s Prolong? And why is it better than Gatorade or any other sports drink on the market?

Prolong is a new sports drink from Herbalife, which just launched a few months ago as part of the new Herbalife24 line of sports nutrition products. I’ve been using Prolong and the rest of the Herbalife24 products all summer during my marathon training. So when I urge other athletes to use these products, I speak from my own experience. I’ll be handing out free samples of Prolong at the expo booth and would love to tell you about the other products, as well.

Prolong has more of the good stuff that endurance athletes need, and less of the bad stuff we don’t want, than any sports drink I’ve seen on the market.

Yes, that’s a big claim. Yes, it’s true.

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