My Story: Running to Boston (and Beyond)

My finishers medal from the Boston Marathon

My finisher’s medal from the Boston Marathon

From right here in the cool morning shade on the backyard deck of my home in Excelsior Springs, Mo., Boston is 1,431 miles away. When I began my journey to qualify for the Boston Marathon, Boston might as well have been on another planet …

Runners know the Boston Marathon occupies a special, lofty place in the stratosphere of endurance sports. You can’t just pay your registration fee and show up. (The most worthwhile things in life are never so easy.) To qualify to race in Boston you have to meet some pretty demanding criteria. Qualifying means you have to finish a certified marathon within a certain finishing time (depending on gender and age).

For a 45-to-50-year-old male, qualifying meant finishing a marathon in less than 3 1/2 hours. That’s an average pace of about 8 minutes per mile over 26.2 miles … actually, a bit faster if I factor in water stations and a cushion for unexpected mishaps (like a porta potty pit stop).

I needed to run faster, and I needed to run faster, farther. Which meant I needed to make some changes in both my training and in my lifestyle.

For example, I knew that for every pound of weight I lost, my running pace would speed up by 2 seconds per mile. That doesn’t sound like much … but I did some quick math in my head, and realized that if I lost 20 pounds, my running pace would speed up by 40 seconds per mile. Just like that!

Makes sense that, if my aging body doesn’t have to carry around that excess weight, everything should function better, from my knees to my heart. A gain of 40 seconds per mile is huge. HUGE!

So for the first time in my life, I embarked on a diet. But I didn’t just want to lose weight. I wanted to be healthier. I wanted to fuel my body with all of the vitamins and nutrients it needed to run faster, and run farther.

This running machine I inhabit is only as efficient as the fuel I feed it.

If I’m going to demand better performance from my body, then I’m going to have to pump in better fuel. To reach my goal to qualify for the Boston Marathon, I had to embrace a more intense training regimen, while consuming all of the nutrition needed for good health, strong bones and growing muscle, while still losing 20 pounds.

That ruled out every fad diet, crash diet, lose-weight-fast-and-easy diet.

That ruled out just about any diet plan I’d ever heard of, because they aren’t designed for athletes.

Then I found a plan that really works.

Fortunately for me, Herbalife was launching its product line of sports nutrition products at the same time I was looking for a solution. My wife and son were already losing weight and getting healthier using Herbalife products, but I was looking for a solution designed for a more active, athletic person. Whether happy coincidence … or divine providence … I discovered Herbalife24 at exactly the right time.

I compared the labels to see how Herbalife24 stacks up against the products that I was already using in my training. That’s when I became an Herbalife fan! Herbalife24 products proved to be superior — not only to anything I could buy off the shelf, but even superior to the expensive products I was ordering online.

That’s not just my opinion … that’s a factual assessment that you can prove to yourself by simply comparing the labels of the products, but even more important …

… it’s my experience after using Herbalife24 sports nutrition products

  • to lose 20 pounds
  • to get healthier and more fit
  • to qualify and — even better! — to run in the Boston Marathon in April 2013

I’m healthier than I’ve ever been and feel so much better. Best of all, the double whammy of good nutrition and weight loss has boosted my marathon training to new levels.

This may sound like a commercial for Herbalife. I prefer to think of it as a testimony, a personal success story. I want to share this with as many folks as possible, because it works.

It works for me. I know it can work for you.


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